Everybody Likes Brisket

What is Brisket? and why is it so good?

Created by Wayne Warner / @wawjr3d

So what is Brisket?

A delicious meat?

- jeffreyw

An isomorphic javascript framework

Why did we go isomorphic?

  • Write one language
  • One codebase
  • More options (traditional or SPA)
  • Media sites need SEO

What makes Brisket so good?

  • Code freedom (seed framework)
  • Feels like "just Backbone"
  • Provides conveniences
  • Provides tools to make your decisions

Key Concepts/Goals

  • Optimize perceived speed
  • The site works BEFORE javascript starts
  • Feel like a library

What will my code look like?

Fast food

How does Brisket actually work?


  • Provides an express engine
  • CommonJS code bundled for client
  • jsdom on server side
  • Base tag
  • Client app start script

Routers return View (or Promise of a View)

A Router's job is to prepare a View to render into Layout

Delegate rendering management to Brisket

ChildView management

Brisket Views can have child views

Brisket child views can reattach themselves to existing DOM

Idempotent child view creation from server to client

Initial page load

Want an instant replay of server side route handling - Sean MacEntee

Initial load state must be same as server for correct rendering

View reattachment

During server side render, Views get unique identifier

During client side render, Views gets the same unique identifier

Views search for themselves in the DOM
- Tambako The Jaguar

Bootstrapped Data

Server-side API responses are recorded and sent to client

Why should you use Brisket?

  • You're building a media site
  • You enjoy working in Backbone
  • You're hungry

How can you consume Brisket?

Fork the Brisket!!


Available on NPM

npm install brisket

Brisket generator


yo brisket && grunt


- Raymond Bryson


Barriga llena...corazon contento!!

- Joseph Bylund

BY Wayne Warner / @wawjr3d